Rain: The Best & Worst Thing for a Farmer

Unless you are a farmer, you might be thinking, “How could rain be nothing but good for a farmer?” You’d be right in thinking that a farmer needs rain to prevent drought conditions and have plenty of irrigation water throughout the year to keep a crop healthy. However, rain, from a farmer’s perspective is the best or worst thing that could happen to them all based on timing. Rain is the worst thing that could happen to a farmer if there is rain during harvest. With wet ground, tractors and various harvesting equipment can’t operate efficiently by becoming stuck in the mud under their own weight. Rain is extremely detrimental during harvest if there is rain between the time an orchard has been knocked and between the time that the nuts are harvested. If this scenario were to happen, the walnuts sink into the mud, becoming stuck and virtually impossible to remove efficiently by means of heavy machinery. The walnuts once wet also can become moldy. This means that a few days of rain can potentially destroy a whole year’s work of raising a crop by means of making the walnuts impossible to harvest and making them turn rancid from the wetness. Currently in California, we are in a drought and went many months without rain. However, last week in the middle of harvest of course, we started getting rain. Thankfully it wasn’t enough to prevent machinery from getting back into the fields for too long. We luckily didn’t knock any trees keeping the walnuts from becoming stuck in the ground and going bad. Keep your fingers crossed for no rain for about another month! Tune in next week for more information pertaining Al’s Nuts!

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