The World is Full of Nuts

Due to today’s age of technology and ease of transportation, walnuts can be shipped to countries all over the world. In the past two years alone, Hong Kong has imported about 181 million pounds of walnuts. If we were to include the rest of China with this figure, the total amount of walnuts imported would be 244 million pounds of walnuts. These statistics were obtained from the California Walnut Board. The price per ton between 2013 and 2014 was about $3650 and with the 122,000 tons exported from California to China alone made the equivalent of $445,300,00 for the walnut farmers of California. In the state of California, farmers produced 488,993 tons of walnuts, that’s the equivalent of 977,986,000 pounds of walnuts. This is why California needs agriculture, it’s one of the largestĀ economic factors in the state. Walnuts are enjoyed worldwide, leading to many interesting cuisines that incorporate walnuts into dishes. From grandma’s brownies to my favorite Chinese dish of honey walnut shrimp, walnuts have worldwide popularity. Walnuts are one of the largest cash crops in California. The walnuts of California are international travelers. They come from walnut trees on California farms, usually taking a tree about 5 years to produce enough walnuts for harvest. Once the nuts are harvested, they go through a cleaning and drying process. The nuts are then shipped out to distributors by the ton and from the distributor they are shipped all over the world. It’s funny to think about how many people worldwide have seen my nuts! Tune in next week for more information regarding everything walnuts on Al’s Nuts.

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