Old vs. New

A farmer sometimes has to make a tough decision; keep¬†an old orchard that has less production than an adult orchard but still produces a small amount of nuts or take out the old orchard to plant new trees that will take five to seven years to produce a profitable crop. With the high costs of spray, equipment, and taxes, this can be a very difficult decision to make. Not to mention the cost of tearing out and replanting an orchard. This can also be an especially challenging decision to make in a drought year because new trees need water to grow correctly into healthy adult trees. While an old orchard may provide some production in the present, in the long run, a new orchard is the way to go. After the five to seven year lapse of production, there will be a steady fall of nuts with a standard crop yield (external variables permitting). With today’s modern GPS planting, chances are that a new orchard will have more trees per acre than an old orchard because of new research¬†in the field of plant science. Plant science is the study of agricultural, ecological, and environmental industries. An efficient way to go about replacing orchards is to replace one at a time. Since orchards are usually purchased on separate plots of land at different times, the trees are usually different ages. So once an orchard becomes old, it may be replaced by a new orchard and once the five to seven year cycle is up a farmer has less worry of low crop yield. Tune in next week for more information regarding Al’s Nuts!

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