Nut Lovers Rejoice

Ever eat one or twenty-three of grandma’s chocolate brownies with walnuts and feel a little guilty? No, never? Ever want seventy-seven more so you could eat one hundred of those warm, gooey, delicious creations worthy of an Olympic gold medal? Yes, always? Well now you can pat yourself on the back and buy yourself a novelty trophy of a bowler with a custom caption (because that’s all the novelty store had in the trophy department that Tuesday you went in) because walnuts are full of things that areĀ great for you! While the excessive amounts of chocolate might not be too health friendly, walnuts are packed full of omega-3 fats and other nutrients that are great for heart health. This is great news for lovers of grandma’s chocolate brownies with walnuts because even while you’re consuming large amounts of sugar, the walnuts will provide you with nutrients to help counteract your brownie addiction. Walnuts have been known to lower cholesterol, improve heart cell function, reduce risk of excessive clotting, and lower the risk of excessive inflammation and these are only cardiovascular benefits! Walnuts are also a great source of vitamin E. This data was taken from the George Mateljan Foundation. With all of the health benefits of walnuts, they seem like the perfect addition to any meal, dessert, or just a la carte. So the next time your grandmother tells you she’s sending you home with a gallon zip-lock bag of her famous walnut brownies, don’t feel bad but rejoice and cancel your next check up with your doctor because walnuts are great for you! Okay, definitely don’t cancel your next check up with your doctor but do enjoy a couple of those delicious walnut brownies. The key is moderation, however, remembering such advice is hard with a plate of Olympic dessert gold in front of you. Bon appetit and stay tuned for more information pertaining to Al’s Nuts and everything walnuts!

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