Al’s Nuts: The Documentary

To help the readers of this blog better understand harvest, I’ve posted a video on YouTube that is a rough collection of clips showcasing the processes of harvest. A short documentary version will be uploaded in the near future but in the meantime, this video should help you get an idea of what most of the harvest machinery does. The video includes pre-harvest clips before the walnuts have been shaken from trees. The knocker/shaker is shown knocking walnuts out of trees. Next comes the sweeper, organizing walnuts into neat rows. The sweeper, made by Flory Industries, is followed by a machine pulled by a tractor that removes sticks and other debris from each row. This machine is made by Exact Harvesting Systems and is called a conditioner. The conditioner is followed by a Flory Industries harvester that’s job is to pick up all of the walnuts from each row. The harvester loads the collected walnuts into a trailer to be transported back to the huller. The huller removes bad walnuts, any remaining debris, and separates stick-tights from walnuts that are ready to be dried. The video then shows the disposal process of the walnut oil and husks. The walnuts that make it through the selection process are then loaded into 5-ton Peerless trailers to be dried. After the drying process is complete the walnuts are removed from the trailers hydraulically to be shipped to distribution centers and eventually be processed and shipped all over the world. The video link is listed below. Tune in next week for more information pertaining to Al’s Nuts!

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