Farmer’s Fourth of July

Ever wonder how farmers keep pests from getting to their crop and destroying their trees? In the past, a farmer would have to call for an exterminator to set traps or use special equipment to get rid of pests. However, today a farmer has access to some high powered equipment that will take care of any and all of your rodent problems with the simple push of a button. One example of this new technology is the Rodenator. It not only has a catchy name but packs quite the punch. The Rodenator uses the remote detonation of a precisely measured mixture of oxygen and propane to collapse any pests’ tunnels through concussive force. While this does sound very dangerous and more than necessary for the removal of pests, the Rodenator is safe to use and for as little as $2,000 you too can own a high explosive pest removal kit. With all of the negative affects pests have on agricultural production, it is good news for farmers everywhere that a highly effective pest removal system is now available. Without pests, farmers can have healthier crops, more production, and less costly bills from exterminators. These pests come in all shapes and sizes, varying from gophers, ground squirrels, to moles and beyond. Luckily there is one product that takes care of all of them, effectively and humanely. The Rodenator packs a punch and protects a farmer’s livelihood from nasty pests that devistate crops. The following link is a 30 second television advertisement showcasing the Rodenator.

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