Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees but Rubies Do

The next time someone tells you that money doesn’t grow on trees you can quickly respond by saying, “But rubies do!” After reading this blog post you will have been informed about the rare and luxurious red walnut. Believe it or not, this agricultural gem is not the result of a genetically modified food experiment but actually from the long process of grafting Persian red skin walnuts with the more delectable English walnuts. The nut that has been produced after many generations of grafting and selection now has a beautiful ruby red skin and the same delicious taste of an English walnut. The long selection and growing process makes these red walnuts an extremely rare commodity in the world of nuts. I have been around walnuts and walnut growers my entire life encountering thousands of acres of trees only to have come in contact with one single red walnut tree and oh was it a sight to behold that gorgeous ruby red agricultural gem. The walnut was considered the royal nut of Persia and was traded along the silk roads to various lands eventually making its way to California by Franciscan monks and eventually the artful genius that crafted such a beautiful creature. If you are wondering how you can get your hands on such a rare, grand creation you can order them here. However, be aware they cost about 31% more than English walnuts based on the price of a 5 pound box. Although that is the price to pay for the creme de la creme of agricultural gems.

Gnocchi+Red+Walnuts Livermore-Red-Walnuts Red-Walnuts

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